Theatre Royal in Brighton

I've always wanted to go to a theatre. But not any theatre like we all have in our small cities, but at one that everyone speaks about, where musicals and plays are played by great and talented artists, I want to see ballet and performances of opera how we see on television. And I know which is the right choice. I looked over the internet and I searched a lot until I found exactly where I want to go. I will go to Brighton, to the Theatre Royal. As I read, the Theatre Royal Brighton is one of the most distinguished theatres in the country and also the oldest, which is located in the center of the city’s cultural quarter, being an example of the finest regency architecture. Since 1807, the theatre has presented productions continuously, here performing big actors and actresses like Rupert Everett, Rowan Atkinson, , Patrick Stewart, Dawn French, Zoë Wanamaker, Ian McKellan and Dominic West. Since 1999 the theatre was a part of the Ambassador Theatre Group and in the year 2007 he celebrated its 200th anniversary when it received a visit from Queen Elizabeth II.  What is a really awesome thing is that the venue offers backstage tours to the visitors, where the public can go behind the scenes and see for their selves how the things are really made. So if you need some, here's one. Take you girl here. Probably this is a good way to get you beloved impressed. Who can say that it has the opportunity to go at least once behind the scenes of such a great and known theatre like Theatre Royal? Who said that needs to be only about walks in the park, romantic dinner on the restaurants, fun nights in the pubs and all kind of other bars? It can ne about ballet, music, opera or comedy, all these being provided by Theatre Royal. Hey also stage productions regularly in different locations from the building like at the Gallery Bar, in the under-stage area, in the dressing rooms and even in the stage's wings.

            As you can see, al you have to do is to get a free day, to get you half and to enjoy a perfect day at a real theatre, with real artists. I know what I am talking about because I did so and I can say that it was a wonderful experience that I will repeat as soon as I will be in Brighton.